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unnideul 2016 masterlist

After many delays (many, many delays), we wrap up our summer fic exchange! Thanks everyone who participated and thanks to hoshatree for pinch hitting!

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss for downcastqueen written by g_odalisque13 | Oh My Girl, Arin/Binnie, Arin/Everyone, PG
Arin hasn’t had her first kiss yet, but the other girls in her cabin at summer camp are determined to remedy that.

Love at First Nom for bluedreaming written by x_disturbed_x | Twice, Momo/Mina, G
Momo and Mina fall in love at a dance academy.

Pieces of Your Heart for x_disturbed_x written by tide_ms | Mamamoo, Solar/Moonbyul, PG-13
Yongsun and Byulyi fall into an adventure.

Communications 101 for staygame written by downcastqueen | Oh My Girl, G
Seunghee loses her voice and comes up with different methods of communication. It doesn’t work very well and luckily, her members are there to help. Or not.

The Babysitter for g_odalisque13 written by hoshatree | APink, Chorong/Eunji, G
Chorong had always felt something uncomfortable about Eunji.

the sun comes out for you for tide_ms written by staygame | Oh My Girl, Jiho/Yooa, PG-13
There's a lot that sucks about being an idol, but Jiho's feelings might be the worst part. (Or, four times Jiho looks out for Shiah without her noticing, and one time Shiah looks out for her.)

Soggy Cereal for 921227 written by bluedreaming | Ailee/Amber (fx), PG
"Hey!" Amber shouts. "There's someone riding our exhaust wake!"

Please be sure to comment on any fics you enjoyed! ♥
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