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(information + contact / sign-ups / gif credit)

unnideul is hosting our third fic exchange, running from June to September 2016!

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Sign-ups: June 9 - 18
Assignments: by June 21
Check-in: July 22
Fics due: August 29
Posting: begins September 5

If you have any questions that have not been answered in this post or you require any assistance, please email us at unnideul@gmail.com, comment on this post, or send us a PM. Email is the fastest way to reach us.

We are on twitter at @unnideulfic.

Our prompt posts will continue to be posted biweekly until posting begins.
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First off, I would like to thank everyone for their patience over the course of our exchange. Despite several delays, our participants have been accommodating and enthusiastic, which has been greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank our pinch hitters, rules1through8 and an anonymous user, for stepping in as needed.

This year we had eleven fics representing six different girl groups.

Onto the reveals!Collapse )
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Title: échappé
Recipient: nachtegael
Group and pairing: Red Velvet, Irene/Seulgi (Irene/Victoria)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of various injuries, dieting.
Summary: To evade. (Ballet AU, ~4k)
Author's notes: [notes]Sorry about the wait ;__; I originally conceived this to have more of the stronger themes from your prompts but because of time constraints those ideas weren't able to flourish like I'd hoped. Thank you for giving such interesting prompts to work with, I hope you like this. Thanks friends for helping me look over this.

I did a lot of research (too much, probably) for this fic but some details have been fudged to fit the story as needed. I am not a physical therapist. All ages in this fic are based on international ages.

It's the classic tale—an overbearing mother forces her own failed ballet dreams onto her daughter.Collapse )
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Title: que sera, sera
Recipient: Everyone
Fandom/Pairing: Nine Muses, Minha-centric, friendship!Minha/Sera and Minha/Hyemi
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: brief mentions of emotional abuse and sexual harassment, talks a little about ZE:A and the tweets by Lee Hoo/Junyoung from last September. this is purely a work of fiction.
Summary: Nine Muses suddenly isn’t nine anymore and Minha doesn’t feel anything. Minha doesn’t know what to feel.
Notes: Big thank you and huge apology on my part to the unnideul mods for being extremely patient with me. This was a pretty taxing fic for me to write, but I’m really glad I got to write it and I hope you like it!

what is it that makes even my ripped heart feel precious?Collapse )

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Title: Side by Side in this Gentle Descent
Recipient: tide_ms
Fandom/Pairing: Nine Muses; Hyuna/Sungah
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Hyuna saves the world and Sungah's along for the ride. The Sunshine AU no one asked for.
Author's notes: I tried to do at least one of your prompts justice /o\

The sun is dying.Collapse )
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Title: and they call it puppy love
Recipient: kisoap
Fandom/Pairing: red velvet; seulgi/wendy
Rating: pg
Warnings: n/a
Summary who needs a matchmaker when you have a dog?
Author's notes: Ah, this was really fun to write! This was my first time writing red velvet, so I really just wanted to make it lighthearted and an easy read. Hopefully I accomplished that and you enjoy it!!

Seulgi should know by now that taking her eye off Joy, even for a moment, is a recipe for disaster.Collapse )
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Title: Everlasting Warmth
Recipient: chanyeolanda
Fandom/Pairing: Nine Muses/Kyungri-Hyemi
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Self-harm (past event), medical condition.
Summary: To her, Hyemi was like Kryptonite to Superman. Except, Hyemi didn't weaken her, she overwhelmed her with an inescapable warmth.
Author's Note: 11k fic wasn't my intention ;) I hope you won't feel bored half-way through, (and that it has what you wanted, Recipient.)
Thank you to my friend M for beta-reading. (Any remaining mistakes are mine.)

Those nice moments were what helped her endure working, and living in a place filled with sad memories.Collapse )
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Title: Warm Velvet
Recipient: x_disturbed_x
Fandom/Pairing: Red Velvet/Yerim-centric, hints at pairings
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentions of (very) minor character death
Summary Yeri thinks she knows what she wants to be when she grows up.
Author's notes: Thank you to the recipient for the great prompts, and I hope this story is something you can like. Thank you to sk for not yelling at me, and to the mods for being so understanding.

I didn't know before.Collapse )
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Title: Second Impressions
Recipient: thunggyu
Pairing and/or character: Kara; Nicole/Gyuri
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Nicole is eager to prove herself to one Park Gyuri, a popular blogger.
Author Notes: A special thanks to E for the wonderful beta. :)

Next to eating, cooking was the thing she enjoyed most.Collapse )
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Title: Love Stories From A Simcard
Recipient: ninemused
Fandom/Pairing: AOA; Choa/Seolhyun
Rating: PG-13
Summary Phone numbers are so easy to get wrong.
Author's notes: I really hope you like this! Sorry about any mischaracterisation or anything ;;

considering i don't know a jinhwan or a banana i'm going to go ahead and guess this was a wrong numberCollapse )
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