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day seven: Soggy Cereal

Title: Soggy Cereal
Recipient: 921227
Fandom/Pairing: Ailee & Amber (f(x))
Rating: PG
Warnings: mild swearing
Summary: "Hey!" Amber shouts. "There's someone riding our exhaust wake!"
Author's notes: To the recipient, you had a list of aus you liked and mentioned liking all types of relationships, as well as being okay with crossovers, so I hope this is something you can enjoy.

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day 6: the sun comes out for you, for tide_ms

Title: the sun comes out for you
Recipient: tide_ms
Fandom/Pairing: Oh My Girl, Jiho/Yooa
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There's a lot that sucks about being an idol, but Jiho's feelings might be the worst part. (Or, four times Jiho looks out for Shiah without her noticing, and one time Shiah looks out for her.)
Notes: I am really sorry for holding up everything, my life has sort of fallen to pieces that I had to sweep up and put back together several times over the last month but I hope this is sort of worth the wait? You had some really great prompts but this one stuck out to me.

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day three: Pieces of Your Heart, for x_disturbed_x

Title: Pieces of Your Heart
Recipient: x_disturbed_x
Fandom; Pairing: Mamamoo; Solar/Moonbyul
Rating: PG-13 (for one explicit word)
Summary: Yongsun and Byulyi fall into an adventure.
Warning: Mention of a natural disaster.
Author's Note: Insipired by Mamamoo - Um Oh Ah Yeah mv. (Though, it drifted far away from the mv.)
Thank you to anonymous beta for checking over the fic. Any remaining typos/grammar mistakes are mine \o/

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day one: kiss kiss kiss, for downcastqueen

Title: Kiss Kiss Kiss
Recipient: downcastqueen
Fandom/Pairing: Oh My Girl | Arin/Binnie, Arin/everyone
Rating: PG
Warnings: n/a
Summary: Arin hasn’t had her first kiss yet, but the other girls in her cabin at summer camp are determined to remedy that.
Author's notes: Uninspired title from the song by BENI of the same name. To the recipient, I hope you like this! Thanks for giving me an excuse to write Oh My Girl ^^

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unnideul fic exchange sign-ups (CLOSED)

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Please familiarize yourself with our fic exchange rules before signing up!

To sign up, please fill out this form and comment below (comments are screened) or send an email to unnideul@gmail.com. Remember, you must indicate three separate prompts to sign up. Feel free to add more, but three is the minimum. See our sample sign-up for more information about the form. You will be able to edit your sign-up until sign-ups close on June 18.

As a reminder, this is an exchange for girl groups and female soloists. Femslash, het, and gen are allowed but the main focus of your prompt must be a female artist.

Sign-ups will be open from Thursday, June 9 to Saturday, June 18.

Requested groups: 4Minute, A Pink, After School, CLC, EXID, Fiestar, f(x), Girl's Day, KARA, Mamamoo, Nine Muses, Oh My Girl, Rainbow, Red Velvet, Secret, Twice, Wonder Girls